White As Snow: A Queen’s Celebration is a day of ministry to any woman in our community who needs to be loved on, encouraged, and/or given a friendly place to rest. She may be sad, hurting, unemployed, abused, neglected, recovering, or just needing a moment of peace. The purpose of this day of ministry is to treat her as a “QUEEN for the day.” We will honor her by providing a meal, gifts, door prizes, and fun activities. Our intent is to meet her physical needs while also meeting her spiritual needs through showing her the love of Jesus Christ. We will roll out the white carpet for our honored guests—women fromMount Grace Teen Challenge, Minden Adult & Teen Challenge Family Center, Life Choices of North Central Louisiana, DART, Mercy Multiplied, CCA, Life House Ministries, P31 Women’s Transition Home in West Monroe, and Purchased: Not For Sale Shreveport. It is our hope that this ONE day of pampering and unconditional love will make a difference in the lives of our guests. The many volunteers who will serve them are looking forward to it, as well.


  • Sponsorships—this allows our guests to attend at no costs to themselves! There are two ways to sponsor—either as an individual or as a business. Check out the GIVE section of our website for details.

Download one of our forms: 

  • Door Prizes—it is our hope that every woman who attends will leave with a door prize. We ask that these items be brand new.
  • Donations for the White As Snow Boutique— purses, scarves, jewelry, gloves, unopened soap, lotion, body sprays, and new socks. Each attendee will “shop” in our Boutique and choose at least 5 items for herself. Of course, these items will be free to her which is why we need donations.
  • Volunteersthis event requires almost as many volunteers as the number of attendees. If you’d like to volunteer for White As Snow: A Queen’s Celebration...   All volunteer positions have been filled. Thank you to our amazing volunteers!


We’ve seen many women come to know the Lord for the first time through this event! It is our prayer that many more will come to know Him as we keep opening our arms to the women in our community. It is our belief that many women have experienced a great deal of loss and a great deal of spiritual brokenness. Spiritual brokenness is not prejudice, nor is it just for those below the poverty line. The wealthiest woman in town can be just as broken spiritually as the woman in the area of town that is known for being dangerous and dirty. A pregnant teenager, devastated and scared, can have the same kind of fear as the woman in her large 3-story house who is sitting alone going through a divorce. The addict, drowning in loss and shame, is no different than the woman whose crimes have been exposed for the world to see in the local Detention Center. Spiritual brokenness doesn’t care who you are, what color your skin is, or how much money you have in the bank. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy.

White As Snow: A Queen’s Celebration brings women of all walks of life together because the truth of the matter is—WE NEED ONE ANOTHER! That is the message of Jesus Christ! That is why He came! And that is what White As Snow: A Queen’s Celebration is ALL about! Won’t you join us?

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